Hueblog: Philips Hue Play Lightbar: Firmware update is being rolled out

Philips Hue Play Lightbar: Firmware update is being rolled out

Hopefully no more beeping

Actually, it was supposed to be released in April, but after a few days of delay, it is finally here: the firmware update for the Philips Hue Play Lightbar that many users have been eagerly awaiting. With the new software, the sometimes occurring annoying noises should be a thing of the past.

These noises occurred with a not inconsiderable number of Lightbars, especially with bright white light settings an annoying beeping is noticeable. But has the noise really gone away?

Hueblog reader Julian provides the following feedback:

Good news! The update is available and installed. I have checked whether the beeping can still be heard. One Play Lightbar no longer beeps, the other one only beeps very, very quietly and that at full brightness in the ‘Concentrate’ scene. The beeping is no longer hearable during work or study, which was definitely very annoying before. Apparently they have got it under control.

Firmware version 1.93.7 is rolled out again for the Play Lightbar

Now, of course, I’m eager to hear your feedback. What I find very interesting: According to Julian, the update to version 1.93.7, which was already distributed at the end of April, has been available again for his Lightbars. Another reader also confirmed the update to me. It is possible that the update has been revised again, but has not received a new version number.

Have you already installed it and have you noticed an improvement? Just write your experiences in the comments!

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  1. I have updated but still have the whining noise.

    I *just* bought three lights from Costco a week ago and was disturbed by the beeping/high-pitched noise issue immediately. I was looking forward to the supposed software fix, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything.

    Curiously, one of the three lights, which was bundled separately from the two-light set, does not have the beeping sound.

    It is quite grating to hear as the lights are at my work desk. I may have to call Hue for warranty replacement.

  2. I’ve installed it before the new version of it was rolled out. And haven’t received any update yet.

    Unfortunately I do not have the “automatic updates” available in the app as the support said I should have.

    The beeping is horrible. I regret so much buying these light bars.

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