Hueblog: Watch out: Not all Philips TVs support Hue

Watch out: Not all Philips TVs support Hue

Ambilight+Hue is not always included

In the past few weeks, I have repeatedly received a few enquiries on the subject and I also keep stumbling across it on social networks: The “Ambilight+Hue” function of Philips TVs.

In principle, the whole thing works very simply: in the settings of the TV, a connection to the Hue Bridge is first established and then the lamps that are to extend the Ambilight in the room are selected. A bit of a pity: the new Gradient products are not yet supported, they only display one colour.

Now some readers are reporting that they cannot connect to the Hue Bridge because the menu item simply does not exist in the TV's settings. Of course, this is particularly annoying if that was precisely the reason for the purchase.

Philips omits Hue integration on low-priced models

Of the models currently available on the market, the 50PUS7906, for example, does not support Ambilight+Hue. Officials say that there are indeed Ambilight TVs in the lower end of the various model series that do not include the Hue feature. This would also be necessary to cover different price points.

For me personally, Ambilight alone is perfectly sufficient. If you have a different opinion, you should look carefully when buying a TV to see whether Ambilight+Hue is included.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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  1. I have a 55 inches 7906 model , and there is the 65PUD7906|77 and also lacks the hue integration. is almost like a scam because philips shows the tv with amilight hue bulbs all around in the marketing photos !!!

    i hope they actualize the software to get it to work.

    i found a workaround as this tvs have android you can purchase a little app called HUE STREAMING.. you open it and configure it and maes hue integration work while you use apps.

    únfortunatelly it wont work with hdmi so using consoles like xbox or watching tv will not iluminate the hue bulbs and bars and led strips.

    but if you open apps like youtube will work. i will have to test it with netflix yet. but i think it will work.

    try it and make a review.

    Also there is someone in reddit talking about this issue with new philips tvs. also have to adda that they have white light bleeding so when in a full black dark image you see the retroilumination light, is slighltly annoying when in a dark room watching videos.

    so for now someone that is not phillips made a HUE STREAMING app that solves the hue integration lack a bit.

    i will also try asphalt 9 in the tv and this hue streaming app to check for lag, i bet it will sttutter like a b*** but i have curiosity lol.

    hope you use this info to spread knowledge and as i said i hope philips see all this and how angry their customers are for this scam and solve it with software like that app from someone else did.

    pd: i have an OLD Philips 42pfg6519 .. check that model, the plastic is white so it enhances the ambilight inmersion and brightness, the base is full aluminum and not plastic , has 3d and smart etc etc, is better than the new Philips tvs. and has HUE INTEGRATION !

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