Hueblog: Community Question of the Week: Gradient Lightstrip on 86-inch TVs

Community Question of the Week: Gradient Lightstrip on 86-inch TVs

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It’s time again for the Community Question of the Week – and today we would like to answer a question from Lars. As always, you are welcome to send me your questions by e-mail or leave a comment under an article. And here is Lars’ question:

I have fulfilled a dream and bought an 86 inch TV. The only thing that bothers me is that it didn’t come with a backlight. So I bought a Sync Box and a 75 inch Play Gradient Light Strip as well as a 55 inch Play Gradient Light Strip and attached them to the TV. Unfortunately, you can only connect one Gradient Light Strip to the TV and not two to one TV.

This is actually a problem with larger TVs, because the longest Play Gradient Lightstrip is only 304 centimetres long. This is perfectly suitable for TVs from 70 to 75 inches. It should also be remembered that the Play Gradient Lightstrip only covers the left, top and right sides of the TV, but not the bottom.

For 80-inch TVs, it might be an idea to place the Lightstrip a little further away from the edge towards the centre of the TV. The illumination suffers a little, but the individual sections fit the screen content better and you can come down a little further on the left and right.

But what would be the optimal solution for Lars? If the 75-inch Play Gradient Light Strip is not enough, I would instead install a Hue Ambiance Gradient Light Strip on each of three or even four sides of the TV. These can simply be placed on the desired sides of the TV in the entertainment setup and, thanks to the gradient functionality, provide an absolutely comparable effect.

I haven’t tried this setup myself yet, but have seen the effect in the pictures and videos of a user who used the Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip to backlight a screen. Really great! The downside: it definitely gets a bit more expensive….

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  1. They need a new tv light system. I know the bars can be used, and just buy extra ones to connect. They need like a 4 bar light system but thin as LED strips/stiff almost like a smaller stick for the corners. My issues is the same, I have a 86 I don’t want things dangling off the sides on a massive tv high tech. Makes it look like a kids toy.

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