Hueblog: First look: How do the new Innr Outdoor Spots perform?

First look: How do the new Innr Outdoor Spots perform?

OSL 130 C reviewed

Until now, Philips Hue has dominated the market in terms of outdoor products with low-voltage systems. Those who do not want to handle 230 volts, but are looking for a simple, fast and safe system for lighting the garden, terrace or balcony, will soon be delighted by Innr.

In addition to a 2 or 4 metre long Outdoor LightStrip, Innr will also be offering Outdoor Spots in the coming weeks. The focus here is on the starter set consisting of power supply unit, controller and three spots for 139.99 euros. Additional spots will be available for 34.99 euros, up to five can be operated with one power supply unit.

The price difference to the Philips Hue Lily is noticeable; the basic set consisting of one spot and a power supply already costs over 100 euro. However, the Lily is also significantly brighter than an indoor outdoor spotlight with its 640 lumens; the maximum brightness here is 230 lumens in each case. The price is also noticeable in the workmanship. The Innr OSL 130 C are not badly made, but they don’t look as high-end as the Hue Lily.

The price is also noticeable in one very important detail: while every Hue Lily has a controller built in, the Innr Spots renounce this luxury. Their control unit is located between the power supply and the first lamp. Conversely, this means that all Innr Outdoor Spots operating on a single power supply can only light up with the same color and brightness.

The scope of delivery also includes a ground spike and an extension rod. Alternatively, the swivel spot can also be screwed directly to the ground. The necessary screws and fastenings are all included in the delivery. The following diagram shows the individual cable lengths:

But how does it look in practice? Three Innr Outdoor Spots with their combined 690 lumens appear considerably brighter than a Hue Lily with 640 lumens. I was very satisfied with the colour rendering, the Innr Outdoor Spots are in no way inferior to a Hue original. Of course you have to do without HomeKit and Hue Entertainment, we know that from third-party accessories.

But what to use, a Lily or the three Innr Outdoor Spots? That’s a question I can’t answer satisfactorily. Even though both are spots, the approach is quite different. If you can live with the restriction to one color setting and prefer to install three smaller spots rather than one big spot, you probably can’t go wrong with the Innr OSL 130 C.

The new outdoor products from Innr are scheduled for release in May. As soon as they are available for order, I will let you know. Until then you can have a first look at all the details in the following video.

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