Hueblog: After update: Motion detector dims lamps too much

After update: Motion detector dims lamps too much

Third-party apps as problem solver

Last week, I reported about a firmware update for all older Hue lights without Bluetooth. After installing the update, it was possible to dim the light even more. An innovation that led to many satisfied voices. But there is also a small problem connected with it.

Anyone who has connected their Aurelle, Ensis, Signe or any other concerned lamps to a motion detector will now notice that they are dimmed much stronger before switching off – and this may not be bright enough.

Unfortunately, there is no solution for this problem with the official Hue app, but here you can use trusted third-party apps. In my case this is iConnectHue. Here, you can easily configure the brightness of the lamps just before switching them off.

Simply open the device overview in the settings and select the desired motion detector. In the “Inactivity” tab, the value “Dim & switch off: Darken by 50 percent before switching off” can be freely adjusted. Simply set the slide control to 60-70 percent and see if this setting suits you better.

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