Hueblog: At the touch of a button: switch on lamps for a certain period of time

At the touch of a button: switch on lamps for a certain period of time

...and switch them off again after the time has elapsed

As alternative to a motion detector, do you want to switch on the lamps in a room with a dimmer switch, Smart Button or Friends of Hue switch for a few minutes and then switch them off again automatically? What doesn’t work with the official Hue app is no problem with third-party apps.

I’m using iConnectHue as usual, but similar features are also available in applications like Hue Essential or All4Hue.

In general, the setup is quite simple: first, you select the switch. Then place the scene you want to illuminate by turning on onto the selected button. Then you add another action to the button press and add an instant timer. The whole thing looks like this:

The duration of the timer can be 1 to 120 minutes. You also have the option of slowly dimming the light before switching it off – either directly from the beginning or at the end. After the time has elapsed, all lamps in the selected group that are still switched on will be switched off. If you don’t want the instant timer to turn off all the lights in a room, you will need to create a separate group in iConnectHue for the lights you want to turn off.

I hope I’ve explained the function in a clear way – but in principle it’s not difficult to reproduce and quite self-explanatory. If there are still problems, I’m happy to help in the comments.

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