Hueblog: LIFX launches new app: This user interface is really exciting

LIFX launches new app: This user interface is really exciting

Philips Hue could take an example

It’s been almost two years since Philips Hue released a big update for its app. Since then some new features have been added but in visual terms, everything has remained the same. Smart lamps are also available from other manufacturers – and in this case, LIFX is showing how modern and useful such an app might look like.

In the new version of the LIFX app, which is available for Android and iOS since yesterday, there are numerous new elements that I would like Philips Hue to include in this or a similar form. I would like to mention two details in particular.

For example, there is the revised start page where each room or group gets its own tile. This tile can not only be named individually but can also contain its own picture if desired. Similar to the current Hue app, there is also a slider with which you can switch and dim all lamps in the room. LIFX goes one step further: the compact view can be expanded to allow control of individual lamps without having to leave the start page. In addition, popular scenes, even across rooms, can be displayed at the top of the start page.

The new schedule view that LIFX has integrated into its app is also quite handy. Instead of displaying all created routines in a colorful mixture, LIFX offers a view that almost reminds me of a calendar app. Here you can easily get an overview of all time-controlled routines.

If you are not using LIFX products yourself, you can take a closer look at the new app on the manufacturer’s website. Which elements do you particularly like? What would you like to see in the Hue app?

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