Hueblog: First look at the LIFX Candle Colour: the multicoloured candle lamp

First look at the LIFX Candle Colour: the multicoloured candle lamp

Compatible with Alexa, Google and Apple

It has been quite a while since first information about the LIFX Candle Colour appeared. About four months later, I was able to have a look at this innovative light source myself. But before delve into the technical finesse of the LIFX Candle Colour I would like to present some basic details.

The LIFX Candle Colour comes without Zigbee and cannot be directly paired to the Hue Bridge. However, thanks to the connection to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, LIFX’s WiFi lamp can certainly be used together with Hue lamps in scenes and routines.

One special feature of the E14-based candle lamp is quickly explained: it can not only display a single color. Several dozen perfectly positioned LEDs ensure that the LIFX Candle Colour has a total of 26 different zones, all of which can be controlled separately.

LIFX Candle Colour effect is difficult to capture in a photo

This is done via the LIFX app with its manual paint function. It comes in addition to many different preset scenes. Animations can also be started, such as a candle flickering or a kind of lava lamp. And I have to say – this definitely looks extremely stylish.

Unfortunately, you can’t capture the effect in photos so well. Just imagine if several Hue lamps in a lamp glow in different colours at the same time and change their colours fluently. The LIFX Candle Colour is also superior to Hue lamps when it comes to the campfire effect and candle flickering.

But there’s also a problem: the LIFX Candle Colour, at a price of 54.99 euros, comes at a cost. Nevertheless, it is a highly innovative product.

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