Hueblog: LIFX announces filament lamps and innovative switch

LIFX announces filament lamps and innovative switch

Further news regarding the Australian manufacturer LIFX.

Last week, I drew your attention to an innovation from LIFX. The first E14 candle lamp is not just a small illuminant but in contrast to the competition it can display different colours and colour gradients.

As the colleagues from HomeKitNews have now discovered, LIFX can also be used in a classic way. Two filament lamps with E27 bases will be launched on the market before the end of this year: LIFX Spiral and LIFX Vintage. Unfortunately, there is only a small photo available so far but I already like the aesthetics of the two solutions:

I also find the LIFX Switch very exciting. The switch is intended for wall mounting and has four buttons, all of which can be permanently wired to individual circuits. The emphasis here is definitely on “can”.

The special feature of the LIFX Switch: The buttons can either switch a non-smart lamp or, without wiring, can also be used as a smart button for LIFX lamps. Also great: Thanks to a backlight, the individual buttons on the switch can be colour-coded, making it easier to distinguish between them.

The LIFX Switch will be available in a dark and a light version, as we can see on the following picture.

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