Hueblog: Unboxing video: Friends of Hue switch from Busch-Jaeger

Unboxing video: Friends of Hue switch from Busch-Jaeger

Announced a few weeks ago, now finally unboxed: I will show you what to expect from the Friends of Hue switch by Busch-Jaeger.

After manufacturers Niko and Vimar have already presented their products, Busch-Jaeger is the first German manufacturer that offers the new Friends of Hue switches. Seen from a technical point of view, there are no surprises because Busch-Jaeger also makes use of the well-known EnOcean module in its switch. Nevertheless I’d like to show you the content of the 99 euro package in a small video (in German language).

What is a little bit annoying and certainly drives up the price a little bit is the fact that Busch-Jaeger only sells the Friends of Hue switch as a complete set so far (article number 6716 UJ-84). Generally, this is the same with other suppliers but here the market price is already a bit lower.

Meanwhile, it has become clear: The Friends of Hue switch is only available as a complete package for the Future Linear switch range. If you want to integrate the switch into the other compatible systems Carat, Busch-Synasty, Pur Edelstahl, Solo or Busch-Axcent, you have to get the frame and rockers separately. The Hue module is not compatible with other series, which is probably mainly due to the adapted support ring and base plate.

On various online trading platforms, I could not discover the Friends of Hue counter from Busch-Jaeger until now, but with the article number 6716 UJ-84 you should be able to place a classic order with your trusted dealer. As soon as you can buy the set online, I will provide a follow-up.


Towards the weekend, I will also provide you with a small video about the configuration and the possibilities of the switches in Philips’ Hue app. (photos: Busch-Jaeger)

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