Hueblog: How to: Connect Philips LivingColors remote control to Hue

How to: Connect Philips LivingColors remote control to Hue

How exactly can the LivingColors remote control be connected to Hue? We will explain.

The LivingColors Iris is a great smart product and often available at a low price. In this article I’ve already explained how to integrate the lamp into Hue. However, the included remote control loses its functionality when doing so. To prevent the remote control from becoming completely useless, you can train it again.

You have to know that the LivingColors remote control is not shown as a sensor in the Hue app but with the Touchlink method you can also address other Hue lamps with the remote control. For Touchlink we recommend the iOS apps iConnect Hue or Hue Lights, Android users should install Hue Essentials.

After you have integrated the LivingColors into the Hue system, preferably via Touchlink method, you can also train the remote control again. Proceed as follows.

  • Reset the remote control: To do this, simply open the lid and use a paper clip to hold down the reset button until a sound is played
  • Train the remote control: Place the remote control next to the bridge and press the “Touchlink” button in the app and the on button (“I”) on the remote control at the same time. The lamp on the remote control flashes, some remote controls confirm the success with a sound. If the LED continues to blink quickly, you will need to do this step again. Note: Does not always work on the first try
  • Connecting the remote to the lamp: You can now connect the remote to a lamp again. To do this, hold the LivingColors remote control close to the lamp and press and hold the on button (“I”) until it turns green.

Now you can control LivingColors via the Hue app and use the remote control at the same time! You can also use the remote control with other lamps, such as the Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance, and change the brightness or colour via remote control. Up to 50 lamps can be trained per remote control, which can then be controlled simultaneously. This procedure is also shown in the following English-speaking video.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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