Hueblog: Reset Philips Hue lamps quickly with the dimmer switch

Reset Philips Hue lamps quickly with the dimmer switch

What can you do if lamps do not react? We have a small guide for you.

A few months ago I had serious problems with my Hue system. I decided to do a complete reset after I was not able to register any new lights on the bridge. After that, unfortunately, nothing worked anymore. I was only able to control my lamps by light switch – if available. In the course of analysis I did reset all lamps. I want to break down the necessary steps in this little guide. By the way: in my case, the problem was a defective bridge.

Philips Hue: How to reset lamps

When is it useful to reset a Hue lamp? For example when you want to register a lamp on a new bridge. Or if you want to connect the Hue lamp directly to the Amazon Echo Plus, if the lamp does not respond and unscrewing it has not helped. Furthermore, lamps from a starter kit are, as is well known, coupled with the included bridge. A short reset allows you to quickly decouple them and then integrate them into your own system. Often the starter sets are cheaper than buying single lamps. And a bridge on reserve can't hurt – see my problem above.

Reset Philips Hue lamp to factory settings

Hue lamps are relatively easy to restore to factory condition. You will need either a LivingColors remote control or the handy Hue dimming switch. You can reset the lamps with a corresponding key combination. To do this, you need to hold the remote control very close to the lamps, in the case of the LightStrips to the upstream controller. Note: If the reset does not work, please first turn the lamp out of the socket and/or turn the wall switch, if available, off and on again.

  • LivingColors remote control: Press the “On”(I) and “Scene 1” buttons simultaneously for at least five seconds.
  • Hue dimmer switch: Press the “On”(I) and “Off”(O) buttons simultaneously for ten seconds.

If the reset is successful, the lamp lights up briefly. You can then integrate it into a Hue system as usual by using the Philips Hue app. This procedure is also interesting if you want to install a second Hue Bridge – then you don't have to enter the serial number when adding the lamps to the new bridge.

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

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