Hueblog: Philips MyCreation: Table lamp from the 3D printer

Philips MyCreation: Table lamp from the 3D printer

Made from recycled material

Philips MyCreation is certainly nothing new. Back in 2020, you could have your own lamps made from a 3D printer and even influence the design. Signify, the manufacturer of Philips Hue, has since abandoned this idea. You can no longer create your own designs, but you can choose from a large selection of ready-made designs.

However, there is a catch: the new Philips MyCreation pendant lights and table lamps are only available in selected countries and, in some cases, only to a limited extent. In Germany, is currently the only source of supply, with just ten designs to choose from.

Certainly a kind of test balloon, but in my opinion it is rather colourless and not very spectacular. This becomes clear at the latest when you take a look at the catalogue available from Philips MyCreation in the Netherlands. Well over 100 designs can be purchased there, some of them in really great colours. I immediately found some lights there that I could really imagine having in my home.

My highlights? How about the Behold One or the Voila One table lamp? The Emerald Two pendant light also looks pretty spectacular. I think the prices of between 79 and 290 euros are quite high, but at the end of the day you’re not getting just any old furniture store standard, but a small design object. The most important prerequisite: you have to like the design.

This is what’s inside the box of a Philips MyCreation

But back to the table lamp that I received to try out. It was created from several plastic elements in the 3D printer, fitted with an E27 socket and then plugged together accordingly. The entire table lamp is quite lightweight and has a switch on the cable. So you can not only use a smart light source, but also a classic lamp with the right base.

I think the quality is great. The 3D printing is absolutely clean and definitely cannot be compared with the 3D printed plastic you usually get for a low price on the internet. The transparent material also allows enough light to shine through, which further enhances the look.

Philips MyCreation and Philips Hue belong together

As already mentioned, it doesn’t matter which light source you use. In my case, I simply screwed in a Philips Hue White Filament Globe, which looks quite cool.

However, I firmly believe that Signify has missed a big opportunity here so far. On the one hand there are the Philips MyCreation prints, and on the other the matching Philips Hue lamps. Why is this not marketed in combination? Why don’t they produce table lamps and pendant lights that fit the Hue Lightguide with its larger-than-average base, for example? In my opinion, that would be the next step.

In general, I think the idea of collecting existing plastic and reusing it is very laudable. Somehow, however, the whole thing hasn’t been thought through to the end, especially due to the very limited selection here in Germany.

Philips Hue Lightguide

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  1. The author’s exploration of the Philips MyCreation table lamp crafted from a 3D printer is truly fascinating. Their detailed account highlights the innovative intersection of technology and design, offering valuable insights into the future of lighting. Well done!

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