Hueblog: Ten Christmas scenes are back in the Philips Hue app

Ten Christmas scenes are back in the Philips Hue app

Winter holidays in the Hue light scene gallery

Secretly, quietly and silently, Philips Hue has brought its Christmas scenes back to the Philips Hue app. As I have been asked about this several times over the past few weeks, I didn’t want to withhold this little hint from you.

As always, the Christmas scenes can be found in the Hue light scenes gallery directly in the Hue app. Just like last year, there are ten different scenes, and as far as I can remember, they are exactly the same scenes as in 2022.

These are all ten Christmas scenes from Philips Hue

To help us keep track, here is a short list of the ten Christmas scenes:

  • Snow sparkle
  • Under the tree
  • Nutcracker
  • Jolly
  • Golden star
  • Silent night
  • Colour burst
  • Crystalline
  • Rosy sparkle
  • Festive fun

Important: If you particularly like a scene and still want to activate it after the Christmas period, be sure to save it in a room. The scenes should disappear from the Hue light scene gallery by January at the latest.

Fortunately, Philips Hue is early this year – in previous years, the scenes were only available a good week before Christmas. And who knows, maybe there will be one or two new scenes in the next few weeks?

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  1. They released these way too late, especially for a company that has been selling the Festavia lights for months. Hue has updated at least one of the scenes, the “Under the Tree” scene has added a Candle effect. So it might be worth downloading the scenes to see the changes.

    1. Looks like most of the Holiday scenes have been updated with effects, Jolly (Prism), Golden Star (Fireplace), Silent Night (Glisten), Crystaline (Opalescent), Rosy Sparkle (Sparkle).

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