Hueblog: Hue Secure camera should be able to record longer events

Hue Secure camera should be able to record longer events

15-second clips not intended

Earlier this week I published my review of the Hue Secure camera for you. The new cameras are perfectly integrated into the Hue system, but there is still room for improvement in some areas. Among other things, I found out that clips with a maximum length of 15 seconds are recorded when movements are detected. This currently leads to the fact that events that follow shortly afterwards are not recorded correctly.

Philips Hue has now informed me that this behaviour of the Hue Secure cameras is not intentional. A bug fix is already being worked on at full speed, and a corresponding solution to the problem should be available in the next few days.

According to Philips Hue, the cameras should record a clip as long as movement is detected in the defined activity zone. So if someone hops around in front of your door for five minutes and is permanently detected by the camera, the recorded video should also be five minutes long.

Almost forgotten: Geofencing is not yet possible

There is one thing I forgot to mention in my test report: The topic of geofencing. Currently, you still have to activate and deactivate the security system manually in the Philips Hue app, which is of course quite impractical.

However, Hue inventor George Yianni already announced at the presentation almost two months ago that a geofencing solution is being worked on. Then the system could be activated automatically using the location services as soon as you leave your home.

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