Hueblog: What’s going on with Philips Hue quality assurance?

What’s going on with Philips Hue quality assurance?

Software and hardware affected

In the smart lighting market, Philips Hue is an absolute premium product. The manufacturer also underlines this with the next price increase, which will affect almost all outdoor products and ceiling lights from February. I don't necessarily have a problem with high prices – but then the quality should be right down to the last detail.

But this is exactly where Philips Hue seems to have a problem or two at the moment. A good example is the update of the Hue app to version 4.34.0 that was released yesterday. The manufacturer writes in the update description:

You can now search “energy saving” in the Hue scene gallery to see our most energy efficient scenes! Try it out to set the mood — and save some energy.

The problem with this is that, so far, you can't search for the particularly energy-efficient scenes in the Hue Light Scene Gallery or via the search function located there. The widely advertised function is simply not available. This is certainly just an oversight, but one that should not occur in a global company.

Update at 18:00: In the meantime, you can find the energy-saving scenes with the search term “Energy Saving”.

‎Philips Hue
‎Philips Hue
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Double problems with a Perifo set

But Philips Hue doesn't seem to be looking too closely at the hardware at the moment either. On Tuesday, I helped out in the family and installed a Hue Perifo set that cost almost 700 euros.

With the Perifo Lightbar, one of the two receptacles for the rails was screwed on the wrong way round, so that the lightbar could not snap into place. Here, the assembly was not only sloppy, but also not checked.

And a Perifo spot would not light up either. A quick look inside revealed: A cable was not plugged in properly. Theoretically, the cable could have come loose during transport, but that shouldn't happen either.

How has the quality of Philips Hue products been for you lately? I am curious about your experiences – just write a comment.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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  1. Hi

    In the latest update, in the scene gallery, I press the search icon top right corner. One of the suggested searches is energy saving. I press that option and 6 scenes are shown. Tokyo, Motown, Galaxy, Blood moon, Beginnings and Artic Aurora. I assume you can also type “Energy Saving” in the search box and get the same results. !!

    1. Yes it’s working now. I guess they fixed it remotely. When I wrote the article, it was not working yet. Updated the post. Thanks!

  2. I really enjoy my Hue products, but recently the SYNC portion is not working. It doesn’t recognize any of my entertainment areas. It only recognizes areas after I do a hard reset on the Sync Box.

  3. I second the issues with the sync box – after the update. Also, for such a premium price they need to up their game and be more on par with Govee as far as syncing option goes. HUE is embarrassingly lackluster in comparison.

  4. I bought 4 light strips and an outdoor patio light from them and the scenes only work sometimes. I save them constantly. I’ve called them multiple times and everything they told me to do did not work. They had a callback feature. They called me a few times and then started emailing me. They kept asking me for screenshots and nothing they suggested worked. So I got frustrated and I told them not to email me again. Because obviously they don’t have a solution to the problem and this went on for a few months. And in my opinion, there are extreme problems with this company and these lights and I don’t feel that they made them right before they put them on the market.

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