Hueblog: Community question of the week: What to do if the Gradient Lightstrip does not light up properly?

Community question of the week: What to do if the Gradient Lightstrip does not light up properly?

A simple trick helps

About a year ago, the Philips Hue Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip came onto the market. For me, it is the successor of the Hue Lightstrip Plus, which has become better in all areas. It looks more stylish, lights up brighter and can also display several colours at the same time. But there are always questions, such as from Robin:

I bought an Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip and a one-metre extension. But when I plug in the extension, it doesn't light up properly. What can I do?

The simple solution is to take the Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip completely out of the socket for a few seconds. After that, it works as desired along its entire length.

The detailed explanation: The Philips Hue Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip is divided into 12.5 centimetre long sections. Depending on their length, these individual sections form the three different segments that can be controlled via the Hue app. A colour gradient is automatically formed between them.

The representation of the colour gradient changes with the length of the light strip. As soon as the Ambiance Gradient Light Strip is supplied with power, the individual segments are digitally recognised. If a light strip that is switched on (or switched off in the Hue app) is extended or shortened, the previously created digital recognition no longer fits and the light strip lights up incorrectly.

However, this is not a problem – if you disconnect the Ambiance Gradient light strip from the power and plug it back into the socket a few seconds later, the digital recognition is carried out again and the light strip lights up correctly again.

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