Hueblog: Presence Mimicking could be firmly integrated into the Hue app

Presence Mimicking could be firmly integrated into the Hue app

So far only available in Hue Labs

What scares off burglars the most App? When it looks like someone is at home in a house. And what's the best way to achieve that? With light. Philips Hue knows this too, because it is not for nothing that the function “Advanced presence mimicking” is available via Hue Labs.

The function is explained there as follows: “Turn on the Presence mimicking Formula to make it look like you are at home with light. Ideal for when you are on holidays. The lights will turn on and off in the selected parts of your home to mimic with light the moments that you come home and go to bed.”

I understand that this feature seems to have become such a priority for Philips Hue that it could be natively integrated into the Hue app, making it much easier to access than previously in the well-hidden Hue Labs. Likewise, native integration would presumably allow access to more settings and also turn presence simulation on and off via a switch, for example.

Gradient products could simulate a TV

I can think of many exciting features that could improve presence mimicking. Just think of the Philips Hue Play Gradient light strip mounted behind the TV – it could be wonderfully used to make it look like the TV is on.

What do you think of the whole thing? What functions and ideas do you have in mind for the presence simulation? Just share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. This shoud be a no-brainer for not only integration into the app, but promoted as a major feature.

    If someone is new to smart lighting they might think “Why should I pay $$$ for Hue when I can get Brand XYZ wifi lights for a fraction of the price that do timers and colours too?” Features like this make a point of difference that might sway buyers. And if there are more buyers we get more Hue! 🙂

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