Hueblog: Which Hue products will be equipped with Gradient technology?

Which Hue products will be equipped with Gradient technology?

There is a clear favourite

It should only be about a month and a half until Philips Hue presents its new products. Usually, the International Funkausstellung in Berlin has been the usual time in the past years. This is supported by the fact that Philips Hue will also participate in this year’s digital keynote of the Smart Home League, which will take place on 2 September.

In any case, we can look forward to a large load of new light sources that will be brighter and better. But that won’t be all, there will probably also be innovations around the multi-zone lighting technology introduced with the Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip. “We’re excited about how gradient technology can improve the lighting of rooms,” Hue inventor George Yianni revealed in an interview a few weeks ago. He believes many products would benefit from gradient technology. “Certainly the easiest would be with the linear products – and we have quite a few of those.”

The big question is just: which products could Philips Hue equip with Gradient technology? I took a look at the current portfolio and dare a little look into the future.

Philips Hue Signe: Made for an upgrade

Opinions are divided on the Hue Signe, which was introduced almost three years ago. Some think the design of the luminaire is terrific, others find it ugly. There has always been a choice between a small table lamp and a larger floor lamp. I already let it be known shortly after the launch that it is more than just a simple light strip in a stand. With its straight-lined design, the Signe is made for a Gradient upgrade and I would be surprised if it were not one of the first products to be equipped with the new technology. Gradient Chance: 95 percent

Philips Hue Play Lightbar: what’s happening to the bestseller?

Since its launch in autumn 2018, this small floor lamp has been an absolute bestseller. It can be set up and used flexibly, exactly whether you want to use it as a mood light, for illumination or as gaming equipment. Just like the Gradient Lightstrip, it already has the word “Play” in its name. The fact that such a successful product has not received a proper upgrade for so long naturally increases the likelihood that something will happen in the future. However, the gradient effect is unlikely to come into its own at a length of only around 25 centimetres. Gradient Chance: 25 percent

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus: Competition from its own camp

A real tough case. The Lightstrip is one of the oldest and most successful Philips Hue products and would definitely deserve a Gradient upgrade. Besides, it would only make sense, because a two-metre long light strip can be wonderfully divided into several zones to let it shine colourfully. There is only one big problem: a Lightstrip Plus with gradient technology would be a direct competitor for the Play Gradient Lightstrip, for which Philips Hue has so far paid two to three times as much. I am very curious to see how Philips Hue will deal with this problem. Gradient Chance: 30 percent

Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip: Things look different outside

Five glowing metres in different colours? That would be right up my street. And I can’t imagine that Philips Hue in Eindhoven hasn’t already thought along these lines. The big advantage: as an outdoor product, the Outdoor Lightstrip is no threat to the Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip, which has its home indoors. From my point of view, the chances are not bad – but we will have to be patient for a while. Usually, Philips Hue only introduces its outdoor products in January. Gradient Chance: 70 percent

Philips Hue Ensis: Can the gradient also swing?

The Philips Hue Ensis is one of the longest light sources that our favourite manufacturer has on offer. Moreover, with a price of well over 300 euros, it is a real premium product, so it is actually perfect for a premium upgrade. For the time being, however, I see the Gradient technology more in mood luminaires such as the Outdoor Lightstrip or the Signe – and not in a pendant luminaire that is supposed to serve a completely different purpose. Gradient Chance: 10 percent

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  1. I am still hopeful for a lightstrip plus with gradient. To me these are different than the play gradient lightstrips.

    Hue is really behind the market on this one with LIFX and zeelight already offering this for sometime.

  2. We need a new Philips Hue Sync Box (for Play Gradient Lightstrip) … with HDMI 2.1 support !

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