Hueblog: These new bulbs will be introduced by Philips Hue in September

These new bulbs will be introduced by Philips Hue in September

Brighter standard lamps & Filament with White Ambiance

We still have to be patient for about two months until Philips Hue will officially present its new products. Today I can already give you a small preview of some of the new products that will be presented at the end of August or beginning of September.

As we already suspected a few weeks ago, Philips Hue is working on brighter light sources. Instead of the usual 806 lumens, they will be brighter in the future – and even much brighter than we could assume so far.

Thus, the standard-size bulbs will be able to offer 1,100 lumens in the future. In addition, there will be a larger lamp with 1,600 lumens, which will be available in future not only as Hue White, but also as Hue White Ambiance and Hue White and Color Ambiance. The larger design is necessary due to the higher heat development of the LEDs and the therefore necessary passive cooling.

New filament lamps feature White Ambiance

Philips Hue will also continue to expand its filament range. The E27 lamps in the filament shapes Standard, Edison and Globe will soon also be available as White Ambiance. Similar to third-party suppliers, Philips Hue will install two filaments with warm white and cool white LEDs to adjust the colour temperature. The maximum brightness is 550 lumens.

Completely new in the range is the smallest filament lamp by Philips Hue so far, which will have an E14 base for the European region. At the start, however, only dimmable white technology with a fixed colour temperature will be used.

That’s not all, by the way. Still top secret are some new Hue products that are supposed to have Gradient technology. So far, this has only been used in the Gradient Lightstrip and enables the simultaneous output of several colours.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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  1. Let’s just hope it includes support for Matter or will be firmware upgradeable to support Matter, since hard to imagine any existing customers replacing their all their existing lights or new customers buying all new lights, knowing they will need to replace them all again very shortly with everything moving to Matter.

    1. The Hue bulbs will not receive Matter support. There will be a update for the Hue bridge only.

  2. Will the GU10 get brighter as well, because that as so so dull almost unusable unless you have loads.

    1. Yeah please make real spotlights. I’ve thrown my mony in to the trash bin with these things we have now…

  3. Fabian hue will definitely move to matter support in the future. Matter has to many things going for it for phillips not to support it. If they don’t they will be left behind the competition.

  4. hello they new update of the app is bad its removed the moision sens to and lights to make it set a sean ones night time comes on use to be there update its gone why did they do that was the best ever now no use to me 🙁 Put it back on the app set lights to arura at night once movment seen now it its one colours starnge.

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