Hueblog: First update for the new Hue app should fix more than 15 bugs

First update for the new Hue app should fix more than 15 bugs

Version 4.0.2 probably soon in the App Store

As we have already noted together this week, there is still a lot to be done in the new Hue app: The tile view is just plain cruel in rooms with lots of bulbs, the timers are no longer available and changing the brightness of a single bulb is also more cumbersome than before. If these points are worked on at all, it will probably take a while.

However, a first update is now on the way. The developer team of Philips Hue is currently working on version 4.0.2 and calls this the first update for the “App 4”. With this update, the biggest bugs and problems should be sorted out.

Here is a brief overview of the upcoming innovations:

  • 15+ bugs fixed.
  • Performance improvements for lower end devices.
  • Made it easier to find Hue Labs by making the “Other” category in the Automations tab expanded by default.
  • Made it easier to find Hue Labs if you do not have any Automations by making Hue Labs clearly visible in the empty screen of the Automations tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the push link screen could get stuck when searching for new or additional Hue Bridges.
  • Fixed an issue where the remote access configuration could fail when Geofencing was triggered.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly when the update will appear in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store at the moment. But it shouldn't be too much longer.

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  1. Anyone else has problems also with the ambilight on philips tv and the hue lights not responding anymore.

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