Hueblog: These are the four features Philips Hue needs to deliver this year

These are the four features Philips Hue needs to deliver this year

What is important from my point of view

Philips Hue has now been on the market for almost ten years and is currently the clear number one when it comes to smart lighting. But the manufacturer from the Netherlands certainly cannot rest on its laurels. It is about time to pick up the pace again – because the last really big update of the Hue app was back in April 2016. Can we expect Philips Hue 4.0 this year?

However, I can certainly think of a few things that Philips Hue absolutely has to work on in my view in order to still be a competitive smart home product in the next few years. As I said, the following four points are just my personal impressions – if you can think of anything else important that Philips Hue should definitely work on, then let me know in the comments.

Linking multiple Hue Bridges together

I don't believe in a new, better Hue Bridge in the near future, even though I would like it to be different. I think Signify will rather go the software route here. After all, they have already let us know that they want to improve the control of multiple bridges via the popular voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. I would also like to see multiple bridges being able to merge with each other in the Hue app. The big question is: how much work will Philips Hue put into this? After all, they have emphasised several times that less than one percent of all users have so many light sources in use that a second bridge is needed.

Finally a backup option for the bridge

The Hue Bridge is a pretty reliable product and I've never had any major problems with the current model in more than six years. However, I don't want to imagine what would happen if my bridge were to die. All the switches, lights and scenes – everything would have to be manually reconnected and set up. I don't even want to think about it! A backup function would give us all a bit more security.

Colour update for the Gradient Lightstrip

Something will definitely happen this year, because after all, Philips Hue has already promised a corresponding update. The Gradient Light Strip, which so far can only display several colours at the same time in combination with the HDMI Sync Box, should then also be fully controllable via the Hue app. Presumably we will be able to put complete scenes with different colours on the light strip – I'm looking forward to that.

A real support for multiple users

Apart from the multi-user geofencing from Hue Labs, there are not yet many features designed for multiple users. In the meantime, however, Philips Hue is at home in more and more families – and you should be able to create your own users along with the corresponding rights.The teenager certainly doesn't need access to the entire control system and the partner might be satisfied with a reduced view in which he can't accidentally change anything important. Guest access would also be conceivable, for example if one receives visitors for a longer period of time. Currently, anyone who installs the Hue app and can press the button on the bridge has full access to the entire system.

Do you have other ideas and wishes on how the Philips Hue system should be improved this year? Then let me know in the comments. I am curious about your opinions.

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  1. I would like it if Hue integrated some of the Labs features into the main part of the app. It is too complicated to use some of them when you have to load in a separate webpage, and a lot of the Labs features are quite mature now. It should also increase awareness and usage of them by new users too.

  2. 1. A gradient lightstrip would be much appreciated, like the lifx z strip

    2. Better apple watch functionallity. Most of the time i can’t even connect to the bridge via the apple watch app and have to settle with homekit

    3. Better app overall, it’s still pretty confusing. Every time i want to do some light adjustments it’s like i have to learn the app all over again

  3. Offering spare parts, like lightstrip controller, power adapter etc., for e.g. replacing faulty ones, would be great.

  4. Philips mentioned that less then one percent of the users has more then one bridge. I am wondering what percentage of the Hue products sold is to people with more then one bridge. Must be significantly more…..

  5. I have stopped expanding my Hue system, simply because the limitation of 63 units. I currently have 55 units and the system is already lagging. I don’t want to spend more money until I know hue is safe for the future. Multiple bridges – without acceptable app support – is not ok. I don’t think I’m alone…..

  6. “less than one percent of all users have so many light sources in use that a second bridge is needed”

    Well, that’s because you have to buy a second bridge. I have a small home, but it’s still large enough to exceed the limit when outdoor lights are added. When I hit the limit, I put off buying any more lights because I was waiting for a new bridge. It just seemed impossibly short-sighted that Philips would not improve this. But after a year, I gave up waiting for progress, and got a second bridge.

    Secondly the Hue App (even the latest design change) doesn’t integrate both bridges like a third party app does. How would Philips even know how many bridges are in use, if the user is using a third party app instead of the kludgy official one? This suggests they are under-sampling the multiple-bridge owners.

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