Hueblog: Are we looking at a new Philips Hue floor lamp?

Are we looking at a new Philips Hue floor lamp?

Interesting picture has published

Philips Hue has various channels on social media. Among others, the colleagues from Italy also post new content almost daily under the account @philipshueitalia. We normally see normal Philips Hue product photos on the Instagram profile, usually in a chic lifestyle style.

On Monday, however, a picture appeared there that kept me guessing for a long time. And even an extensive internet search and a comprehensive image search failed to produce any results. It’s all about the floor lamp to the right of the sofa in the following picture.

The floor lamp has a ring at the top that shows a colour gradient on the side facing us. The other side lets the wall shine in a bright white colour. The switch on the cable on the floor, which appears to be operated with the foot, looks somewhat classic.

There is currently no second source

I really don’t want to commit myself and say that we see an upcoming Philips Hue lamp there. At the moment, I still need final confirmation of this from another source. Theoretically, it could also be any floor lamp from any other manufacturer.

However, Philips Hue usually shows its own products on its Instagram channels. Design lamps from other manufacturers usually only appear if they have been fitted with Hue bulbs. And this is definitely not the case with the floor lamp with the distinctive ring.

Let’s just wait and see what the year 2024 will bring…

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