Hueblog: Community-Question: Battery problems with the Hue Go portable table lamp.

Community-Question: Battery problems with the Hue Go portable table lamp.

Only works on the charging station

Our small community has been discussing the Philips Hue Go portable table lamp this week. The model, which was officially launched in spring, seems to be causing problems for some users. Specifically, it’s about this:

Unfortunately, I have to report that the battery of my Hue Go portable table lamp is defective after only two months. It can no longer be switched on without a station. In various Amazon reviews, some report the same problem. Do you have any experience with this problem? It’s sad for a Hue product. Above all, the actual purpose of this lamp is no longer given.

In fact, I have come across similar complaints on Amazon, but my table lamp has worked without any problems so far – although I have to admit that I haven’t used it much away from the charging station in the past few weeks due to the weather.

How to solve the battery problem of the Hue Go Portable yourself

Our long-time reader Cduser got in touch and not only confirmed that the Hue Go portable table lamp can no longer be operated on battery power, but also provided a solution: “I deleted the lamp once in the Hue app and then added it again. After that, it works as it should again.”

But it can also be done more simply, as we have since been able to find out through another reader’s comment. When the Hue Go is on the charging station and switched on, it can be reset by pressing the switch for at least 40 seconds. It then flashes briefly in different colours and is then accessible again normally.

Why and why these problems occur is still completely unclear to me. If you are affected, the solution is definitely worth a try. And if that doesn’t help either, your portable table lamp is still covered by the guarantee and warranty.

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  1. I actually had this problem with my first-generation Hue Go. I’m disappointed that this model has the same problem. I except better from Philips.

  2. I thought it was a problem that mine was only working while on the charger but one day I took it off and held the button down and it lights up! That’s when I find the directions to it and realize their are different “ modes” to the lamp and apparently it had been in a different mode bc now it works fine both on and off the charger

  3. This happened to my Table Lamp Go as well, I’ve owned one since it first launched in the US. I thought the battery had failed, but holding the button down for 40-seconds solved the issue.

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