Hueblog: Hue Play extension cable: Not only compatible with the Lightbars

Hue Play extension cable: Not only compatible with the Lightbars

Also for Lightstrips, Signe or Bloom

At the end of last week, Light Solutions sent me a new accessory for the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus of the fourth generation: a 7.5 metre long connection cable to extend the distance between the power supply and the controller. Actually a good idea, but at 24.99 euros really not cheap.

The problem: Philips Hue does not use common plug sizes. Although the cable from Light Solutions is also compatible with the Play Gradient Light Strip and the Ambiance Gradient Light Strip, I still think the price is too high. There is, of all things, a cheaper alternative from Philips Hue itself that offers even more possibilities.

Hue Play extension cable also works with Lightstrips

We are talking about the Play extension cable, which was already released in 2018 together with the Hue Play Lightbars. It is five metres long and costs 15.99 euros. Important to know: It does not replace the existing cable, but extends it. More importantly, it is compatible with many other Philips Hue devices, not just the Lightbars.

It can be used with all Philips Hue devices that have the small rectangular plug. Here in the example pictures you can see it in combination with a Gradient Signe table lamp. But it can also be used to extend the cable length of all current indoor light strips or mood lights like Iris and Bloom. It’s just a bit of a shame that even five years after its launch, the cable is only available in black and not in white.

Certainly a practical thing if the length of the actual cable is not sufficient and a normal extension cable is out of the question due to the thick Hue plug (for example behind furniture).

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