Hueblog: Hue Controller: Now as a small app for Mac and Windows

Hue Controller: Now as a small app for Mac and Windows

Can also be used in the browser

In February, I already drew your attention to Jakob Lykke's project. The developer from Denmark has built a web interface with which you can control the lamps of a Hue Bridge via the browser. Now there is news about the Hue Controller.

Via this website, the small software package can no longer only be run directly in the browser, but can also be downloaded as a small mini-app to the Windows PC or Mac. Of course, this doesn't change the relatively simple design, but perhaps this is the preferred way for some of you.

Functionally, too, a lot has changed with the new version. In the settings area, you can activate effects and then start them in the room view. Besides a relatively wild “Breathe” mode, there is also a colour loop, which I find quite nice. The effects are controlled directly by the Hue API on the Bridge.

Just take a look at Jakob Jakob Lykke's project, I think it's really great, even if it's still quite straightforward and simple at the moment. But as the saying goes? What is not, can still be…

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