Hueblog: Philips Hue unlocks Gradient function without update

Philips Hue unlocks Gradient function without update

Try it out now with the Play Gradient Lightstrip

I've already given you a lot of information about the new gradient function, now I can announce that it's a done deal: It seems that Philips Hue has started to activate the new gradient function last night for all users with app version 4.4. A further update is not necessary, the activation takes place “over-the-air”.

While I am still waiting for the new products, both the Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip and the Gradient Signe should arrive this week, you can already try out the new function here. At least if you have a Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip like me, because it can also be used with the Gradient function from now on.

This is how easy it is to create a colour gradient

To do this, simply select the light strip in the Hue app and activate the colour selection. There you can now tap on the small dot for the Play Gradient Light Strip and open a group consisting of three lights. These icons symbolise the individual segments of the light strip and can easily be moved in the colour picker.

Based on the three colours you have chosen, the Play Gradient Light Strip automatically creates a colour gradient, which can also consist of considerably more colours. The respective gradient is represented by thin lines on the colour picker. I really like this, because you can create great colour gradients within a few seconds.

But that's not all: If you select a predefined scene from the Hue Light Scene Gallery, the Play Gradient Light Strip now also lights up in several colours. If you activate the dynamic scene, the colours even change. If this does not work for you, you may have to delete the existing scene and “install” a new one from the Hue Light Scene Gallery.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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