Hueblog: How do you place LightStrip and Lightbar behind your TV?

How do you place LightStrip and Lightbar behind your TV?

Is more always better?

Two products are especially popular in combination with the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box: the Philips Hue LightStrip Plus and the Philips Hue Play Lightbar. Both can be easily attached to the back of the TV thanks to the double-sided adhesive device.

In the past, there have always been questions about how to position the LightStrip and Lightbar behind the TV to get the best effect in combination with the Sync Box. Like always, there is no ultimate recommendation – but I would like to use this article to discuss this topic with you.

Currently, one LightStrip and two Lightbars are enough

My setup currently looks like this: on the back of my 65 inch TV two Lightbars are located on the left and right side in middle height. On top, a LightStrip covers the whole length of the TV.

Another consideration: since my TV is mounted on the wall with a bracket, a little bit of wall light could also be placed underneath it. Here, a second LightStrip could be used, either mounted on the TV or on the TV base cabinet – here I am still undecided which setup looks better in the end.

In my opinion, the number of light sources is absolutely sufficient for a TV of this size. After all, I don't want to replace an Ambilight but simply create a lighting atmosphere that matches the TV picture. By the way, in the room itself, I did not integrate any further light sources into the entertainment area.

What does your setup look like?

For larger TVs with 75 inches, I can imagine that two Lightbars could be used on each side, because otherwise not enough space is illuminated. Alternatively, I could also imagine two Hue Gos, which are mounted to the left and right of the TV in addition to the lamps mounted behind the TV.

Now I am curious to know: how did you position your Hue lamps for use with the HDMI Sync Box?

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  1. Looks great! Did you mount the lightbars horizontally or vertically, and closer to the center or top/bottom or outer edges? (I’m not sure how to interpret “on the left and right side in middle height”). Thanks!

  2. For any tv that is mounted on the wall with a low-profile mount, that is trying to miminimize depth, the Hue Play White & Color Ambiance Smart LED Bar Light (2-Pack) is too thick. Either a inwall media box or a mount that protrudes several inches in needed.

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