Hueblog: Show your Hue: Light strip in the Millennium Falcon

Show your Hue: Light strip in the Millennium Falcon

A very special hyperdrive

Everyone needs a hobby. On Facebook, Hue fan Sam showed me that smart lighting and classic building blocks can be combined perfectly. When I saw his pictures of the big Millennium Falcon from the Lego Star Wars series, I was just blown away.

Actually, I won't describe everything in detail here and will let the pictures speak for themselves. Just a little side note: Sam decided to use a simple Philips light strip without Hue, which is switched on and off by a Hue Smart Plug. It always shines in the same color anyway – after all, the hyperdrive of the Millennium Falcon is blue.

Doing without the classic Philips Hue LightStrip Plus has another advantage: the not-so-smart light strip is slightly thinner and can be bent more easily. As you can see on his pictures, Sam has placed the complete length of the light strip in the rear of the Falcon.

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