Hueblog: Måckebo and Råsegel: Two affordable table lamps for your filament lamps

Måckebo and Råsegel: Two affordable table lamps for your filament lamps

New publications at Ikea

Smart filament lamps are now available from numerous manufacturers. My current favourites are the White Ambiance filament lamps from Müller-Licht which will probably make it into the shops this month. Their release date is scheduled for March 24th.

If you are still looking for a place for your filament lamps on a table, shelf or cupboard, it's worth a trip to Ikea. In the Swedish furniture store I simply took two models with me last week. They were marked as “new” in the lighting department.

Måckebo provides great lighting effects

Starting with Måckebo, a black table lamp with a transparent glass body. Here we reach a height of 28 cm, the diameter of the glass cylinder is about 10 cm. This means that Måckebo is not suitable for Globe lamps, but it is a good match for Edison bulbs in drop form.

What I particularly like about the affordable 12.99 euro table lamp: there are great reflections of the LED light threads visible though the glass – a great sight.

Råsegel is rustic and simple

Do you prefer a simple, industrial style design? Then the small table lamp Råsegel for only 9.99 euros might be something for you. Due to its open construction all filament shapes fit here. In the end it depends on your personal taste.

I like the concrete look very much, and IKEA has also thought about the small details. The bottom of the table lamp is covered with felt and there is also a small recess in the concrete for the almost 2 meter long cable.

Of course you can not only take both table lamps with you at the IKEA market around the corner, but also order them online. In addition to the respective prices there are shipping costs of 3.90 euros.

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