Philips Hue: Download all Christmas scenes For the rest of the year

For the rest of the year

Philips Hue always offers seasonal scenes in the Hue light scene gallery that are only available for a limited period of time. Currently, for example, there are ten Christmas scenes from the “Winter holidays” category. You can simply select the scenes and save them in a room of your choice. If you have missed this and the Christmas scenes have already disappeared from the Hue light scene gallery, you can now download them from me: Snow sparkle (Download-Link) Under the tree (Download-Link) Nutcracker (Download-Link) Jolly (Download-Link) Golden star (Download-Link) Silent night (Download-Link) Color Burst (Download-Link) Crystalline (Download-Link) Rosy sparkle (Download-Link) Festive fun (Download-Link) Simply click on the desired download link using a smartphone or tablet on which you have installed the Hue app.

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