Hueblog: Philips Hue Twilight: More details about the bedside lamp

Philips Hue Twilight: More details about the bedside lamp

Equipped with colour gradients and switch

I already showed you the first product photos of a new bedside lamp from Philips Hue yesterday, but I have since been able to find out more technical details. And the colleagues from Smartlights have also discovered more product images, which I have included at the end of this article for you.

What is now clear: Philips Hue has integrated quite a bit of technology into the table lamp, which is around 33 centimetres high. The Twilight, as the product is officially called, can not only light up your bedside table like an ordinary lamp, but also has LEDs on the back.

And here Philips Hue has even installed several LEDs that can display a gradient effect. These colour gradients make perfect sense in the bedroom, as they are used by Philips Hue to simulate a sunrise and sunset.

Both light sources can be controlled independently of each other, using the Multi Source Light technology that Philips Hue introduced with the Dymera wall light. The Hue Twilight also has extremely low dimming levels, which makes perfect sense in the bedroom. Incidentally, the maximum brightness at 4,000 Kelvin is 1,380 lumens.

A switch with two buttons is integrated on the top of the Hue Twilight. These switches can be used not only to switch the bedside lamp on and off or to cycle through scenes, but also to start sleep automation. The Hue Twilight then simulates a cosy sunset until it switches off completely.

Further details of the table lamp, which is available in black and white, include a cork base and a two-metre-long power cable that matches the colour of the housing. As usual, the rather clunky power supply unit, which we also know from other Hue products, can be found at the end of the cable.

Philips Hue Twilight

$279 / €279

This bedside lamp will make you feel more rested throughout the day. It uses science-based scenes for mood-enhancing lighting. And with ColorCast technology to project colour gradients, it brings beauty to your bedroom.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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  1. It looks really nice, love the wall gradient effect as well.
    Wondering if it has a speaker for the traditional wake-uplight alarm sounds (which also has a nice PowerWake function if you snooze too much, that really gets you out of bed in difficult mornings)

  2. Do you happen to have the measurement of just the base of the unit? As in the circular diameter of the cork area at the bottom, where it sits? I can’t seem to find this specific measurement on any site, so I can’t tell if it will fit where I was hoping to place one of them next to my end (I only have a narrow space). Thank you!

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