Hueblog: The stage is set for brighter GU10 spotlights from Philips Hue

The stage is set for brighter GU10 spotlights from Philips Hue

Better technology in the MR16 lights

It’s been a few years since Philips Hue improved the GU10 spotlights. Back then, they became more compact, displayed better colours and were also slightly brighter. Currently, Philips Hue spots with a GU10 base deliver a maximum brightness of 350 lumens at 4,000 Kelvin. One small exception is the Hue White GU10 spotlight, which delivers an impressive 400 lumens at 2,700 Kelvin. However, a direct comparison is somewhat unfair here, as only one type of light-emitting diode is used in the White version.

However, a comparison with the MR16 spotlights from Philips Hue, which were launched on the market last autumn and are equipped with a GU5.3 base, is really interesting. They are only available in the White Ambiance and White and Colour Ambiance versions and achieve a maximum brightness of 400 lumens. And this despite a slightly more compact size, because apart from having exactly the same diameter of 50 millimetres, the new MR16 lights are even 9 millimetres “shorter” than the GU10 spotlights.

Big difference with standard white at 2,700 Kelvin

At 4,000 Kelvin, the increase in brightness of the MR16 spotlights compared to the GU10 spots is therefore around 14 per cent. Definitely an increase, but one that doesn’t really impress us. However, the situation is completely different with standard white and 2,700 Kelvin.

The familiar GU10 spots only achieve 230 lumens here. The value of the MR16 spotlights in standard white is impressive in comparison: 350 lumens. That’s an increase of around 52 per cent.

Due to the absolutely comparable design, the GU10 spots even offer a little more space here, there is no technical reason in my view why Philips Hue could not also install the brighter LEDs here.

Philips Hue MR16 spots

from $99.99 / £29.99 / €39,99

Upgrade your conventional spots with Hue MR16. Featuring a 12 V, bi-pin design suitable for most existing fittings, this MR16 bulb enables you to bring warm-to-cool white or colorful smart light to every corner of your home. Compatible with most transformers.

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  1. The mr16 doesn’t have to convert from 120v AC to DC at a lower usable voltage, which the GU10 does. The hardware to convert takes up space and it also requires more cooling. I would imagine that the additional cooling required in the gu10 is plenty reason not to install the brighter diodes there.

    That being said I would love if they found a way.

    1. I hope that the current sale on GU10 is a sign that they will soon market brighter bulbs. I bought a pack with my first bridge because I had an extra smart GU10 in need of 2 friends, but I’ll wait for improved bulbs before buying new ones for the other rooms.

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