Hueblog: Philips Hue now allows multiple bridges per account

Philips Hue now allows multiple bridges per account

Simplified control on the go

Only last week, I explained in a small guide how to control several bridges on the go – until now, it was necessary to set up several Hue accounts. I could have saved myself the effort, because with the update to version 4.16 Philips Hue seems to offer new possibilities.

This new option is hidden in the settings of the Philips Hue app. There you will now find a new menu item called “My Account” at the top. There, Philips Hue gives us the following information along the way:

“Multiple Hue Bridges per account using Hue Homes. Permanent control from outside the home.”

At the moment, however, the function does not seem to be running smoothly – the control from on the road does not yet work correctly. I could imagine that they are still working on it.

No effect seems to have this new linking of multiple bridges to one account with the connection to voice assistants. After re-initialising the Hue skill in the Alexa app, no new devices were found. However, I can imagine that work will be done in this direction in the near future.

Philips Hue
Philips Hue
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  1. Unfortunately, the Hue account still accepts only one bridge per email address. So, yes, you can access several bridges by application, but, in my case, not remotely. I still need on account per bridge.

  2. This is the only thing holding me back from going to bridge #3 in my house.
    I use Alexa for all my smart home tech, and not having multiple bridges link up to Alexa is a deal breaker for me.

    I have one bridge not linked for automated lights (timers, motion sensors etc.) and one for normal use lights that I can turn off or on via Alexa.

    I am hopeful this change will come soon!

  3. “Multiple Hue Bridges per account using Hue Homes. Permanent control from outside the home.”

    Where did you read this? I can’t find any other references and I can’t add Multiple Hue Bridges to my hue account.

  4. Its amazing that this feature still doesn’t exist.
    There are many simple solutions which would only bring them more money.
    A Hue Hub v3/Hub Max with support for >1000 devices.

    Even a software solution would mean they would sell more hub v2s
    My solution is limited by the 12 accessories limit at the moment.

    Id like to add outside lighting and additional dimmers/detectors but I’m not buying anything if they don’t work together.

    1. I told this myself years ago…
      I’m using GoogleHome and you can only import one Hue account so one bridge and I have 5 of them to lighten up my home…

  5. This is crazy. They should sell much more, more money, but they are not able to make such an easy adjustment in the system. Shame!!!

  6. My question is: how does one manage multiple homes using the Hue app? Is there really no way to switch houses as is easily done with Nest and the Apple Home app? If so, this is a stunning oversight and it may lead me to choose a different ecosystem altogether.

  7. I have managed to connect 2 hue bridges on 1 account, just you have to flick and choose 2 bridges when controlling lights. The only pain is you cannot control remotely on the added hue bridge ( 2nd) while you can on the original bridge. We have multiple lights at home and i wanted it all to be controlled remotely. Do i need to set up another hue account for the 2nd bridge in order to control it remotely?
    I hope Philips will have new updates on this.

  8. When will this app support multiple bridges per email address/account? Seems about a year ago they added multiple per the app, but still only one per account. Seems silly and incompetent to not have this fixed yet.

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