Hueblog: Massive price increase: Philips Hue has become significantly more expensive

Massive price increase: Philips Hue has become significantly more expensive

Mainly outdoor products affected

It should be common knowledge by now that Philips Hue does not necessarily offer the cheapest products. This is quite understandable, after all, quality and performance are in many cases better than with cheaper alternatives. Moreover, one has to consider that Philips Hue, in contrast to some other manufacturers, also takes care of software development.

Nevertheless, my jaw dropped in the past few days when I noticed that Philips Hue has raised the recommended retail price of its products, in some cases significantly. I am referring to the prices in Germany, but new prices seem to apply in the other Euro countries as well.

Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip has become 70 euros more expensive

The sad highlight for me is the 5-metre Outdoor Lightstrip, which sold for just under 160 euros when it was introduced in late summer 2018. Already in the summer of 2020, the price was increased to 190 euros, and the new recommended retail price is 220 euros as of now. Since the product launch, the manufacturer’s price has thus risen by around 44 percent.

In percentage terms, the increase in the recommended retail price is also particularly strong for the previously “relatively” low-priced accessories for the outdoor lamps. The bundle consisting of a 2.5 metre cable and a T-piece rises from 18 to 25 euros, an increase of 39 percent. The 5-metre cable is 33 percent more expensive, from 15 to 20 euros.
I could continue this list endlessly, no matter whether it’s Lily, Calla, Impress, Amarant or Daylo – the recommended retail price has increased by 10 to 25 percent for virtually all outdoor products at the beginning of the year.

The Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus is also supposed to cost more now

According to my research, the only product that has become more expensive indoors is the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus. Here, the recommended retail price of the basic set shows an increase from 80 to 90 euros. The 1-metre extension has become 5 euros more expensive and now costs 30 euros.

The effects are not yet very visible on the market. The Lightstrip Plus was first sold on Amazon at a knock-down price and you can also still get it at MediaMarkt and Saturn for quite a good price. But at the latest when the old stocks are used up and the retailers have to buy the goods at the new prices from Philips Hue, the changes should become noticeable.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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  1. Philips hue Gradient 2m went up with €40-70 in my country since Christmas.
    From 90 to 130-160. CRAZY!

  2. Hue Signe Gradient Floor lamp just went up $30 US Dollars in the last 3 weeks. Personally it turned me off to buying it. I was trying to get it a couple months ago but it was sold out so I got the table lamp. Looked today and saw $30 increase for floor lamp. Forget it Hue, you’ve priced yourself out of my market. I seriously doubt your costs have gone up that much since you introduced it.

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