Hueblog: Philips Hue makes tile view the new standard

Philips Hue makes tile view the new standard

List view will disappear from Bluetooth app

One of the biggest criticisms of the current Philips Hue app for many users is the tile view. What still looks quite pretty with the scenes and is also quite good to use thanks to two rows, is a big cramp with the lamps. Here, only one row is used for the display and on many smartphones there is a lot of unused space, yet you can only see three bulbs without having to scroll horizontally.

From the point of view of many users, a solution would be a classic list view, as we know it from the old Hue app. The big gag: such a view already exists. In the Bluetooth app, you could easily switch between the tile and list view via a small button. You can try this out in the demo mode of the Bluetooth app even if you have not paired any lamps.

Since the new Hue app is built on the same basis, there is probably no reason why this option could not be adopted. But Philips Hue seems to think differently, because according to my information, the list view is to be removed from the Bluetooth app and the tile view is to become the new standard.

In principle, I see only two options here: Either they are very sure that this tile view is the best design decision despite the numerous criticisms, or they have another solution in the works that will make us all happy. Personally, I think one of these two options is much more realistic, unfortunately…

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  1. The one that came with the idea should definitely be fired. Bring back the v3 app!!

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