Hueblog: Simply deactivate the Hue motion sensor with a dimmer switch.

Simply deactivate the Hue motion sensor with a dimmer switch.

Keeping the light the way you want it

Motion sensors are a really great thing. They can automatically switch on the light depending on the brightness and time of day when you move through the room. In my home, I have activated a motion sensor in the stairwell that activates a night light for 30 seconds at night, for example. This way, you can easily get up and down the stairs even in the dark without the entire lighting coming on.

However, there are times when you might want to deactivate a motion sensor. For example, when you don’t want the lights to come on during a movie night just because you quickly scurry to the fridge. With the right tools and settings, this is no problem. I use iConnectHue for this, but there are also suitable options on Android and with apps such as Hue Essentials.

‎iConnectHue für Philips Hue
‎iConnectHue für Philips Hue
Developer: Stefan Gohler
Price: 3,99 €+

This is how a dimmer switch is configured appropriately

In iConnectHue you simply select the dimmer switch you want. On two buttons of your choice (the on and off buttons are suitable for old dimmer switches), you can define an additional action for a long button press.

To do this, tap on “On hold” and activate “Execute hold actions exclusively”. Then simply tap on “Add new action” and select “Switch motion sensor”. There you can then select the commands to activate or deactivate a motion sensor.

Motion sensor can also be interrupted

And one more little tip. If you have a room in which the motion detector switches on the light, you can easily prevent it from deactivating automatically. This is practical in the bathroom, for example, if you don’t just go to the toilet, but get into the shower.

To do this, follow the same procedure in iConnectHue as described above, but do not put the function “Switch motion sensor” on your dimmer switch, but “Interrupt motion sensor”. Then the light switched on by a motion sensor remains active until you switch it off again yourself.

Philips Hue Motion Sensor

$44.99 / £39.99 / €44,99

Trigger your smart lights with movement. The battery-powered Hue motion sensor can be easily installed anywhere in your home.

More tips from Justin_Tech

The English-speaking YouTuber Justin drew my attention to the possibilities around the motion sensor. You can get some more tips in his latest video.

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