Hueblog: Violet SmartSwitch Lite hands-on: This light switch is really smart

Violet SmartSwitch Lite hands-on: This light switch is really smart

Hue and Sonos control supported

I have already reported about the Violet SmartSwitch Lite twice in the past, currently pre-orders for the EU version are already possible – you can find more information at the end of the article.

The 86 x 86 millimeter Violet SmartSwitch Lite replaces a single light switch on the wall and requires its own power supply, so a neutral or other power source is needed. What follows is truly magical, as the light switch does not require a gateway or its own app.

Easy-peasy connection with the Philips Hue Bridge

The small touch display, which takes up almost the entire front of the light switch, allows configuration directly on the wall. First, you have to connect to the home WiFi and can then easily establish a connection with the Philips Hue Bridge.

In the settings, a list with all rooms and zones appears, from which you can select an entry. In the submenu that follows, you can select up to seven scenes that have been created in that room. These can then be activated via the touchscreen along with an obligatory on/off button.

However, the development team has thought further, because after all, there are enough moments when you just want to quickly turn the light on or off. In this case, a quick tap on the display that is turned off in normal mode is enough. If you want to access the scenes, you hold your finger on the Violet SmartSwitch Lite for about one second and thus activate the display.

Even though the Violet SmartSwitch Lite is currently still in beta testing, I really like the integration with Philips Hue and was surprised how quickly the commands were executed – there is virtually no difference to using a dimmer switch or Friends of Hue switch. In addition, changes to the scenes are possible at any time via the Hue app.

Sonos works even easier with the Violet SmartSwitch Lite

But the Violet SmartSwitch Lite can do even more, in addition to a display of weather and time, Sonos control is also integrated. This does not even require a setup, because the smart light switch simply searches the WiFi for existing Sonos components. After that, rooms can be selected, favorites started, the current playback controlled or the volume adjusted. Really impressive.

Unfortunately, this is not necessarily inexpensive fun. The Violet SmartSwitch Lite costs 168 British pounds including shipping, which is the equivalent of about 195 euros. You will also have to wait a few months for delivery. At least the manufacturer states that the device is shipped from the Netherlands and not from Great Britain – so there are no additional fees for the European region.

For my first test, by the way, I was provided with a UK version, which unfortunately does not fit into round flush-mounted boxes. I am all the more excited about the final product for the German market – and until then I still have a little time to find a suitable room for the Violet SmartSwitch Lite.

Violet SmartSwitch lite

168 GBP

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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