Hueblog: With White Ambiance: Philips Hue is working on new filament light bulbs

With White Ambiance: Philips Hue is working on new filament light bulbs

Five different models planned

We have waited a long time for this, meanwhile there are numerous solutions from third-party suppliers such as iCasa. Now I can announce: Philips Hue is working on new filament lamps with White Ambiance technology.

At least, that’s what emerges from current documents published by the FCC. A total of five different models with different shapes are part of this documentation. This does not come as a complete surprise, because after all, Philips Hue offers five differently shaped filament lamps with Hue White technology to date.

But the previous models can only display a fixed color temperature. And that’s exactly what the new models will definitely be able to do better, because they feature White Ambiance technology. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about the exact color space that Philips Hue will cover with these models and what the technical solution with the different LEDs will look like at the moment.

It is also unclear when Philips Hue will launch the new models. Last year, new products were presented in June and September. It will be interesting to see when the time comes this year.

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