Hueblog: Show your Hue: Smart Button wall mount with lighting

Show your Hue: Smart Button wall mount with lighting

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Looking for a little news for you guys, I stumbled across a post on Reddit by automation_bot1337 that really fascinated me. He built a mount for the Philips Hue Smart Button with lighting. In addition to craft skills, this also required some knowledge of the Node-Red programming language – and unfortunately I can’t help you any further here at the latest.

The basis for the whole project is a socket adapter with a transparent ring for the Hue Smart Button, with which you can place the small button in a wall socket. You can find the part for currently less than 10 Euros on eBay.

Then it’s down to the nitty gritty. Equipped with a saw and glue, a round RGB-LED is installed in the empty flush-mounted box instead of the socket, along with an Alexa-compatible WiFi RGB controller and a mini power supply for converting 230 to 12 volts.

The Reddit user then programmed this whole thing to make the ring around the smart button always light up in a colour that matches the Hue lamps in the room – this is possible with a Raspberry PI including RaspberryMatic and Node-Red. I could even imagine that the ring could be lit in white at night when no lights are on – in order to find the Smart Button even in the dark.

Don’t see my post here as a guide, but much more as a little food for thought. Just have a look at Reddit, where you can find some more information about this great creation.

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