Hueblog: New dimmer switch from Samotech makes old floor lamps smart

New dimmer switch from Samotech makes old floor lamps smart

Now available in two versions

Normally, converting a floor lamp is not particularly difficult: you unscrew the old bulbs and insert Philips Hue lamps. This is done within a few seconds and works perfectly. But what if you cannot simply remove the bulbs from the floor lamp, for example because they are permanently installed or have a certain form factor?

The British accessories manufacturer Samotech now has the right solution for precisely these cases. Under the names SM315 and SM317, Samotech sells small ZigBee dimmer switches for 22.99 euros each, which replace the existing control of the floor lamp.

In theory, the installation is quickly explained: You open the existing switch and remove the two cables (neutral and conductor). You then simply insert them into the module from Samotech and reconnect the lamp to the mains. Then you search for a new lamp in the Philips Hue app and find the dimmer from Samotech. You can find instructions here.

If the switch of the floor lamp is permanently installed in the housing, you can of course also cut the power cable and insert the Samotech dimmer wherever you want. While the SM315 version is operated by hand, the SM317 is a model for operation with the foot on the floor.

Useful: Afterwards, you can not only control the floor lamp with the “dumb” bulbs via the Hue app, but also continue to operate it by hand. Of course, coupling with accessories such as the Hue dimmer switch or use with Amazon Alexa is also possible. As is known with third-party accessories, only Apple HomeKit support is not given.

So far, I have not been able to try out the two new ZigBee products from Samotech myself. However, the two parts have already been ordered, so hopefully I will be able to give you my first impressions before the end of the year.

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