Hueblog: Control multiple lamps and rooms with one Siri command

Control multiple lamps and rooms with one Siri command

And combinations are now also possible

Voice control with Siri has become even better with the latest updates from Apple. From now on, as with Google Assistant, multiple commands are possible with one voice command. For a short time now, several commands can simply be combined with an “and”. So you can say, for example:

  • Hey Siri, switch on the light in the living room and in the kitchen.
  • Hey Siri, switch on the floor lamp and reading lamp.

At this point, you can combine several rooms or several lamps without having grouped them together in the Hue app or in HomeKit.

However, there are still some limitations at the moment. For example, it is not possible to control a room and a single lamp at the same time with a voice command. Similarly, it is not possible to switch on a room and switch off another room with the same voice command. Likewise, only one And command is possible at a time.

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  1. I am not amazed by this limitation. That is inherent on the design of the Hue2 app.
    The design of the first Hue app, Hue-1, was much more flexible and simple.
    Everything was a Scene, no rooms or other concepts existed. And every lamp could be in every scene.
    So the one scene could easily switch on your living room AND kitchen lamps and the other scene could switch living room AND kitchen off AND sleeping room on. It was a time where everything was possible with Hue. Unfortunately the ‘engineers’ of Philips have removed this flexibility, in order to……. well, I would not know…
    I have earlier mentioned this, but nothing has changed.
    Still I would like to have Hue-1 flexibility added again, that would solve all the complex curves that I have to wrinkle myself in nowadays.
    E.g. something simple as a timer that fades the lamps above the table…. impossible ..
    And now the engineers are going to say that I should use Hue Labs for that, but who want to be dependent on a website for something that simple.

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