Hueblog: Innr OPL 130C: New pedestal lights for outdoor use announced

Innr OPL 130C: New pedestal lights for outdoor use announced

Starter set with three lights for 150 Euro

There is news from Innr. In a few weeks a third outdoor product will be launched on the market, after having already launched an outdoor light strip and small garden spots a few months ago. The new product is called Innr OPL 130C, which is a pedestal light.

It is sold together with a matching power supply as a starter set. In addition to the controller required for operation, you will receive a total of three pedestal lights, which can display all 16 million colours and various shades of white. The maximum brightness per lamp is 215 lumen.

Up to five pedestal lights on one power supply unit

While the starter set will be available for 149.95 euros, individual pedestal lights are also available as an extension. Here, you will pay 39.95 euros each, with a maximum of five pedestal lights that can be operated on one power supply unit.

The special feature of Innr: the individual lamps do not have an integrated ZigBee controller. This hangs at the beginning of the outdoor cable and ensures that all the connected pedestal lights appear as a single lamp in the Hue-App.

If you are already thinking about how to set up the 27-centimetre high and 6-centimetre wide pedestal lights, I also have some data for you. From the power supply unit, which is plugged directly into the wall, a two-metre long cable leads to the controller. From there, there are a total of three metres to the first T-piece, from which 30 centimetres of cable lead to the pedestal light and two metres to the next T-piece.

One could almost speak here of an inexpensive alternative to Philips Hue Calla. In this case, a set of 3 lamps costs almost twice as much, but these then light up with 640 lumens each and can also be controlled individually. Technically this is definitely the better, but also more expensive solution.

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