Hueblog: Yeelight Candela: Smart candle as an alternative to the Hue Go

Yeelight Candela: Smart candle as an alternative to the Hue Go

Classic design with modern technology

Last week, the colleagues from approached me and offered me to try a portable LED light with rechargeable battery. Of course I didn’t let them tell me twice and decided to try the Yeelight Candela, which can also be controlled via an app thanks to Bluetooth.

The table lamp is approximately 19.5 centimetres high and about 7.5 centimetres wide. Equipped with a 2,100 mAh strong battery that can be charged via micro-USB, the LED light has a runtime of up to 8 hours. The connection to the smartphone is established via Bluetooth, and with the Yeelight app several of the smart candles can even be paired with each other.

App connection of the Yeelight Candela with manageable functions

Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with the app connection. Apart from group the lamps, the app only allows you to access the dimming function and switch the lamps on and off. There are no automations possible and also a connection to Alexa or Siri short commands is not possible – although this would not be a problem even with Bluetooth.

And so you control the smart lamp in the classic way, directly on the device. The lamp can be dimmed by turning it, and a switch can be found on the underside to switch off the Yeelight Candela completely. If you turn the case in both directions one after the other, you activate the candle mode. Then the Yeelight Candela does not shine continuously with one brightness but is automatically dimmed and illuminated – a small candle effect.

There is one thing we still have to talk about, though: The maximum brightness. 13 lumens are on the data sheet, which is of course nothing compared to the Hue Go with up to 520 lumens. But: if you activate the candle mode with the Hue Go, the brightness is not that high anymore, too.

To give you a better idea of the brightness of the Yeelight Candela, I just took some pictures last night. And I was positively surprised: My two smart candles provided a pleasant light – comparable to the brightness of classic candles. Of course this is no festive lighting, but a nice mood light in any case.

Thats how the smart candle shines in the dark

Even though I had hoped for a little more from the app connection, the Yeelight Candela is in the end a nice little gadget that can create a cosy atmosphere on the balcony, terrace or also in the living room and bedroom. At you can order the Yeelight Candela for 59,90 Euro directly from stock.

Yeelight Candela

Yeelight LED rechargeable light Candela - flexible companion for every occasion. The battery-operated decoration light Candela presents itself elegant and flexible and is based on the look of a lantern.

59,90 EUR

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