Hueblog: Video-Guide: The Hue Labs formulas “Cooking Timer” and “Colorloop

Video-Guide: The Hue Labs formulas “Cooking Timer” and “Colorloop

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The German manufacturer Senic offers a practical Friends of Hue switch and provides us and you with practical tutorial videos. We would like to take a look at the two newest videos.

Hue Labs: Cooking Timer

In the Hue Labs section you will find the “Cooking Timer”. In the settings you can define a timer and set how and which lamp should blink when it expires. This can be whole rooms, scenes or single lamps.

Hue Labs: Colorloop

I find the Colorloop formula quite exciting, but I have not used it yet. Here you can select several lamps and rooms, whereby the lamps slowly change colour automatically. You can choose the speed, color or scene yourself.

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Smart Lighting is great. I love the possibilities and also like Hue very much. We want to share our informations und insides with all of you. I am from Germany and not a native speaker - don't be so hard with us ;)

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