Hueblog: Equipped with seven Hue Bulbs: ceiling lamp makes every living room bright

Equipped with seven Hue Bulbs: ceiling lamp makes every living room bright

98 centimetres in diameter

It has been some time since I have equipped my living room with a new ceiling light from Actually I wanted to present the model Gordana to you months ago, but then it was not available for a long time due to the corona situation. This has now changed and therefore we will simply make up for it.

First of all, let’s talk briefly about the initial situation in my living room: At around 6 by 6 metres, it measures around 36 square metres, and there is also a large transition to the dining area and kitchen. Everything is designed accordingly open and the visually comparable ceiling light with three E27 lamps had a big problem: it was not only quite small but also not that bright – measured by the size of the room.

And so I looked around for alternatives and found them at There you can find the Gordana model in the following three configurations:

  • 57 centimetre diameter with 3x E27 for 79.90 euros
  • 76 cm diameter with 5x E27 for 114,90 Euro
  • 98 centimetre diameter with 7x E27 for 169.90 Euro
  • all details about the ceiling lamp at

The installation is very easy and does not present any particular hurdle, but especially for the larger versions you should get two helping hands. Practically I could use the two existing drill holes, because the bracket is really absolute standard and I had mounted a similar model before.

In my opinion, the white fabric cover fits very well into almost every living environment and the illumination is really very even and soft. The only problem is that from the kitchen, which is a distance of about ten metres in our hours, the individual bulbs are quite visible through a small gap between the ceiling and the ceiling lamp. But I only noticed this in the first few days and it is only visible from a great distance.

Now the question arises of course, which bulbs you should put into such a big ceiling lamp. Coloured Hue lamps are of course expensive, so we use the less expensive White Ambiance lamps, as we prefer to set coloured accents at the edge of the room. A double pack of the Hue White Ambiance E27 is already available in the shops for around €40 and maybe you even have some bulbs left over at home – I was able to take three of them, for example.

Also nice: At, you can save 10 percent with the voucher code LW20-SW10 until 21 June 2020 from a minimum order value of €150. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the newsletter and save €20 if you order for at least €150.

At the end of the day, I am very satisfied with the ceiling lamp in my living room. The 98 centimetre model is not overly expensive compared to similar sized lamps, looks simple and is easy to install. In addition, thanks to the E27 sockets, you enjoy a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the choice of bulbs: from simple white to brightly coloured plays of colour, everything is possible.

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