Hueblog: Retrospect: When Philips Hue was still beautifully boxed

Retrospect: When Philips Hue was still beautifully boxed

Already unboxing was a highlight

Sometimes I have really weird ideas. This weekend, I ordered a first generation Philips Hue starter set. More than seven years old, equipped with the first generation bridge. There are also three colourful lamps, which can only display some colours poorly. With a maximum of 600 lumens they are about 25 percent darker than their successors.

Why I do all this? To show you the packaging. Because with the first generation of Philips Hue, the fun started before you even unboxed the whole thing. I would like to praise the designer of this box today. You can see some impressions in the following video.

Now the question for you: Have you been around so long that you have unboxed this Hue box yourself? Should I also unpack the old lamps of the first generation and compare them with the current models? Let me know in the comments!

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