Hueblog: Höfats Spin provides a cosy lighting atmosphere

Höfats Spin provides a cosy lighting atmosphere

Table fire is unfortunately not quite cheap

Just a few days ago I had to listen to the idea that you don’t necessarily have to light up your garden in bright and colourful colors. You don’t have to. But you can. Today I would like to take a look at Höfats Spin, a high-quality manufactured and unfortunately not quite cheap table fire.

Attentive readers may still be familiar with this piece. In March 2019, the Germany-based company Höfats looked for supporters on Kickstarter and was able to more than successfully conclude the campaign. Delivery took a little longer and availability on the market was still quite scarce even in late summer.

Höfats Spin makes flame up to 500 percent bigger

But when the new Höfats magazine landed in my mailbox on Saturday, I felt like having a cosy fire on the terrace again and set up my spin on Sunday. Visually a real feast for the eyes and a wonderful lighting mood, even without Philips Hue.

The functional principle of the Höfat Spin is quickly explained: Bio-ethanol is burned in a can. The flame, which is actually quite small, is then increased by up to 500 percent due to the chimney effect and swirling air. In addition to the flame effect, there is the appropriate acoustics – no crackling of the chimney, but you can’t have everything. You can see exactly what the flame effect looks like on the following two pictures.

The flame is simply extinguished with a small metal lid, which is put on top of the glass cylinder and suffocates the fire. In most cases the bio-ethanol in the can is used up faster, because the burning time of the Höfats Spin is unfortunately not very long. The manufacturer states one and a half hours, but usually the fun is over after a little more than an hour.

But unfortunately this is not the only weak point of the Höfats Spin. The bio-ethanol firing gel is not very cheap. A set consisting of six cans costs 24.95 Euro. It becomes a little cheaper with six bottles to refill for a total of 29.95 Euro. Although bio-ethanol from other manufacturers could also be used, it cannot be guaranteed that it burns without smoke and odour. This is exactly the case with Höfats firing gel – and even indoor use is therefore not excluded.

If these two points do not bother you, you will get a really high-quality table fire. But make sure that you buy a Höfats Spin 120 – there is a 90 version available in stores that costs a few Euros less, but is considerably smaller. The Höfats Spin 120, which I also use, is 54 centimeter high and has a 12-centimeter wide glass cylinder. The base is 23 centimeters wide and the total weight is 4.17 kilograms.

Whether used alone or in combination with a discreet scene with Philips Hue lamps: My Höfats Spin will certainly be used more often this year. Unfortunately, it is a quite expensive fun, but at least as fascinating.

You can check this website to see if you can buy Höfats Spin near by you.

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