Hueblog: Philips Hue is interested in smart wired light switches

Philips Hue is interested in smart wired light switches

Beta Program Survey

Unfortunately, the ultimate light switch for Philips Hue is still not available, even though we have already moved in a very good direction with the Friends of Hue products. As I have learned, Philips Hue is also interested in smart wired light switches.

Currently, they are trying to find out from participants in the closed beta program whether they are using “Smart Wired Switches”. These can control classic lamps and smart illuminants simultaneously and replace the normal light switch on the wall. One statement is particularly exciting: “They do not yet exist in the product portfolio of Hue or Friends of Hue”.

The purpose of the survey is to find out whether there are any negative effects, such as problems with dimming or switching behaviour, if you use one of the smart wired switches to control your Hue lamps. One example would be the Eve Light Switch, which can communicate with Philips Hue thanks to HomeKit.

I don’t expect Philips Hue to come up with a solution in the next few weeks but it seems that they are at least interested in the topic – and that’s a start. It’s still open how the Friends of Hue solution by German manufacturer Insta, which was announced in January, will look like. In any case, the topic of switches will keep us busy.

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