Hueblog: For hobbyists: Remove LED modules from a Philips Hue luminaire

For hobbyists: Remove LED modules from a Philips Hue luminaire

What would you do with it?

What do you do when sitting at your desk at home and there is nothing exciting to do? You look around the room and discover an old Hue outdoor light that you dismantled a few weeks ago. And you remember that only a few days ago you bought a new bit set that hasn’t really been tried out yet.

Important note: the following is not an instruction for rebuilding. With this modification you lose the warranty on the respective device. Furthermore, work should only be carried out by skilled persons. I do not take any liability for possible damages caused by a reconstruction.

Every Hue lamp consists of three important components

The object of my choice was an old Philips Hue Discover. I took the outdoor floodlight out of service a few weeks ago when I installed the Impress series on my terrace.

Shortly after the market launch, I already opened the Hue Discover: you can take a look at its inner workings in this article. Three components are especially important: the two LED boards, the Hue Connect ZigBee module and the integrated LED driver.

On the following three pictures you can see these parts in the order mentioned above:

Apart from two cables between the LED driver and Hue Connect – which I cut for simplicity and later reconnected with two Wago clamps – no intervention in the closed system is necessary during the removal. I assume this is the case with other Hue Outdoor lamps as well. Also important to know: the LED driver converts 230 volts AC into 24 volts DC.

What would you do with these parts?

The LED driver is then connected with a standard mains supply. The connected and switched on individual parts look like this:

And this is where the skilled tinkerers come into play at last. Do you have an idea what you would do with the two LED boards and the Hue technology? Do you possibly have a project in mind that could be realized with these parts? I am looking forward to your feedback.

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